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International Safety Solutions

PPE to protect your workforce in the Oil & Gas, Marine, Utilities, and Medical


Dickerman Group International Safety Solutions (DG-ISS) is a well-established supplier of the best PPE available to protect your workforce in all conditions. We specialize in providing the highest quality products at competitive prices.

As our name suggests we are an international supplier and provide our personal protective equipment on a worldwide basis directly and in conjunction with our partners across the globe, you can see more information on this in our Global Footprint section.

Our sister company has been a provider of PPE for nearly 50 years primarily for contracting purposes within the oil and gas, marine, utilities, and onshore petrochemical sectors however we have now cemented our position with a dedicated product range and a dedicated company in DG-ISS in order to better serve our customers needs specifically for the supply of PPE only. We have also expanded our areas of supply and expertise from predominantly an industrial setting to also include the healthcare profession.

Please look at the relevant sector to see our specialist PPE to suit your needs and sign up to receive updates in our contact us page…

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